Your wedding day is special to you and your families. Wedding photography is more than having someone there taking pictures. Our warm, energetic, yet unobtrusive personal style makes the photography a fun and memorable part of your very special day.

Our pictures will capture that special blend of celebration and solemnity, of love and fun, that you have planned for your wedding. Our formal photos, creative and artistic, have a relaxed feel to them that states, “These are real people.” Our candids are lively and fun to look at, capturing the important people and events of the day.

We are committed to both personal service and quality. Quality wedding photography is an investment that will last a lifetime. Your wedding book is truly an enduring gift to the future.

You can choose from either Traditional, Illustrative or Photojournalistic styles. Or you can have a blend of all three. You determine the number of photographers and the length of time you want coverage. However we accomplish your photography the original digital files are yours.

We have been creating memories for couples for many years. Call 203-936-7526 for more information or e-mail us TODAY.